I hate the old Lahore

U know wat i hate.. I hate purana Lahore.. So this is a magical place where both red and green lights mean go.. Where u don’t find trees.. Just flimsy branches sticking out of the ground.. Where noise cancelling headphones are a necessity not a luxury.. Where every tom dick and harry thinks they own the whole road.. Buses driving like motorbikes.. Weaving in and out of traffic.. With one hand constantly on the horn.. No one has any respect for traffic rules, one way streets or roundabouts.. As u may have guessed.. I just got back from Lahore and it was NOT pleasant! We Islamabadis are a gentle folk.. Like a herd of gazelles.. The slightest hint of trouble and we are outta there.. But not these guys.. It’s like they are looking for a fight all the time!
Oh and the smell.. The smell here is awful.. I imagine its like horse manure garnished with rotten eggs and bad cheese stuck in a microwave.. Yeah.. It’s pungent but not immediately.. At first its a faint odour.. Then it hits u like a locomotive! For all those who think i'm lying.. Go look for yourselves! And lahories thinking about sending me hate mail.. I’m not talking bout defence, gulberg, model town or cantt.. Its just the rest of it.. the walled city.. yucki gate.. anarkali.. bund road.. No offence to the people living there.. I actually commend u on being there day in day out..
And who in their right mind thot of starting a dental school RIGHT NEXT TO THE RED LIGHT DISTRICT!!! Ok so it is probably a hundred years old.. but there are millions of better places for a well-reputed school.. Oh and they shifted a couple of years ago.. u know where? 500yards down the road.. and it still sucks!!
All im trying to say is.. the ministers, commissioners, mayors or whoever is in control.. is it so hard for them to leave their comfy six-bedroom houses in Defense and sit in an air conditioned foreign car with a chauffer cross the canal and go see how the other half lives! See the roads and the drains.. and do something about them! I heard this song the other day.. u'll think its lame.. but it was pretty close to the truth.. I think its called Bullshit.. by shehzad roy.. that’s how ive been feeling ever since I got back from Lahore..
I’ve had that writer’s block thing again.. just cant shake it!
Any advice?