I hate the player and I hate the game..

U know wat I hate.. I hate the player and I hate the game.. I heard this in a movie the other day.. ‘Don’t hate the player, hate the game, babe’.. wat the hell does that mean?! Wat player? Wat game? This has gone out of control! I remember when terms like ‘scoring’ and ‘going all the way’ were reserved for sports!! When did it all become so callous?! The union of a male and female was once a sacred act.. but now thanx to the low self-esteem of females and belt-notching mentality of males, it has turned into something like trying on different clothes in a department-store try-room.. sometimes once in a few weeks.. and sometimes three, four times a day.. even two at a time!!
ok, so ppl want to stay with the times and do stuff they see on TV.. but why is it, that our so-called heroes.. our idols.. the 'celebrities' have no respect or morals.. why do they teach the upcoming generation that their body shud be treated like a McDonalds rather than a temple.. HIV infected needles and STD infected genitalia.. Everything is allowed to enter! And if someone accidentally says wat the actually feel rather than conforming to wat the hypnotized masses are thinking.. they are branded as backward and insane! I’m not talking about muslims versus the rest of the world.. all muslims aren’t saints.. and all the others aren’t the spawn of satan.. there are muslims who spread their seed like there’s no tomoro.. and there are non-muslims who still believe in the sanctity of chastity..
Remember Britney Spears? The girl who said she was gonna keep her virginity till her wedding.. don’t remember? I’m not surprised.. This was back when ‘bitch’ was still a word used to describe someone u didn’t like and ‘ho’ was a prostitute.. wat happened to her? Did she give in to peer pressure? That wud be my best guess..
Imagine yourself as parents, and then imagine your teenage daughter gets knocked up even before she graduated high-school.. wat wud u do? wat wud go thru your head? Everyone is not like the parents in Juno.. wouldn’t you teach your children that they should respect themselves as human beings and not as animals.. Animals have two things on their mind.. food.. and sex.. shouldn’t we even try to be different? So ‘man is a social animal’ but that is just a metaphor! We don’t actually have to turn into animals..
Right.. so something to ponder over.. The question for today is.. do u think we should try to change our ways and not follow everything the magic box shows us?

I hate it when I get writers block..

U know wat I hate.. I hate it when I get writers block.. no, not writer’s block, the album.. actual writers block.. ive been trying to write something for the whole of last week.. and I cant come up with ANYTHING!! I’ve sat down on my laptop like 15 times everyday for seven days.. well not sat ON it.. u know wat I mean.. hmm.. ive been stuck at this last sentence for over 10minutes now.. granted im watching how I met your mother..but that’s no excuse.. HIMYM.. good show.. Doesn’t compare to friends tho.. but still pretty good.. but recently I noticed something.. some of the characters become sort of annoying.. Lily for one.. wat the hell is wrong with her?! Nag nag nag.. isn’t that promoting the generalization of married women nagging all the time? Barney and his suits are always a breath of fresh air.. and the girls.. haa haa.. well.. no complaints there.. the girls are better on HIMYM than on friends..
GAWD its so hot these days.. According to the news today was 106F.. and its horrible.. no wind blowing.. not even a whisper!! And I had to get work done on my car.. got new tyres!! Wohoo!! Hey wat happened to tubes? All the shop had was tubeless tyres! I remember when I got my first bicycle.. with that came the first flat tyre.. and I was shocked to see that there was this whole other thing inside!! Haa haa.. I was stupid at that age.. children are so stupid!! I was watching this video online.. its about a baby.. and his mom put his milk bottle on top of a stoop with sloped sides.. and this lil kid.. keeps climbing and sliding back down for like 15MINUTES!!!! Persistant.. yeah.. but I was still laughing my ass off!!
X-men marathon tonight.. started off with Wolverine:Origins.. great movie for all the clawed-animal fans out there.. intense action sequences.. specially the one where our hairy hero is being chased by bad guys in a chopper.. and also where the two brothers fight it out.. Wade aka deadpool was really cool, that is before he became Deadpool.. his quips were HI-larious.. speaking of deadpool.. hez got his very own movie now and its coming out 2011.. don’t miss it! and Sabre tooth in this was much better than the one in all the other X men movies.. then came X-men.. 10 years gone by and that movie is still one of its kind.. I cant get the shape shifting mystique out of my mind.. DAMN.. I think that says it all.. as always sequels can’t hold a candle to the original.. X2 united was just on the fence for me.. although adding a few more mutants into the mix was a good idea.. X-men3.. too much CGI for my taste.. they steered away from the comics in that one.. phoenix was an alien princess wasn’t she? Instead in the movie they make her out to be some kind of evil alter ego inside jean grey.. hmm.. for someone with a mental block.. this aint half bad is it?
So wat did we learn today? Mutants are cool.. suits are cool.. chicks are cool.. and writers block is a bitch.. and the best way to beat it, is watch movies all day!!
Arite ladies and gents.. I would like to know.. wat is the one X-men superpower u wud want to have?

I hate it when ppl go out of their way to copy supermodels..

U know wat I hate.. I hate it when ppl go out of their way to copy supermodels.. I mean a normal person is not supposed to look like those people on TV!! They ARENT real.. they have hundreds of people working to make them look like they do.. I saw this clip on YouTube, where a guy airbrushes a photo of Megan fox.. I swear the before and after DID NOT look similar..
Girls becoming anorexic or sticking their fingers down their throats.. just to try and seem like fashion models.. who, in reality, look like 14 year-old boys!! And we don’t realise it.. but under all the glitz and glamour.. its no picnic..
Trying to live healthy is one thing but working out like six hours a day then carbo-loading.. that’s just insane.. massive cans of protein shakes.. full of preservatives and wat-not.. under the premise of healthy living, no less.. The warriors of the past didn’t have supplements and personal trainers, did they?! How did Hercules or Achilles or Leonidus work out? Dumbbells? Running on treadmills?! NO!!
Burn fat n build muscle.. yeah right.. u wanna know my motto? build fat and burn muscle!! ok ok.. so I agree it’s a little hypocritical that I don’t like chunky girls.. while im no slim jim myself.. but isn’t that partly the media's fault?! There was a time.. something like 40 years ago.. when bigger meant better.. all the XLs and XXLs were the ones in demand.. and girls used to wish they could put on weight.. can any of u girls imagine TRYING to gain weight?!
oh and then there is another killer.. peer pressure.. the fat kid in school is ALWAYS bullied.. the girl with the crooked teeth is always made the butt of jokes.. and that torment stays with them thru-out their life.. requiring years of expensive therapy.. oh and before u think im talking about myself.. lemme just clear up, I was never overweight.. there’s just more of me to love :P no seriously.. im ok.. im not thin or fat.. I have love handles but no beer belly.. I have muscles.. but they are hidden under a reasonable amount of fat..
Coming back to peer pressure.. I see so many female patients who want braces just coz all their friends have them.. and its not just that.. buying designer clothes and accessories to feel like the fakers on the red carpet.. wats the point?!
All this artificiality.. around us and inside us.. and we wonder why lifespans are getting shorter.. so wat shud we do? How do we remedy this? Arite, that’s the question for today.. How can we change this mentality that is screwing up the youth of the world??

I hate it when u create a monster.. and then lose control of it..

U know wat I hate.. I hate it when u create a monster.. and then lose control of it.. I was watching iRobot today and the police chief said something that got me thinking.. He said that every monster story is the same, ‘Guy creates monster. Monster kills guy. Everyone kills monster.’ And so I decided to check it out.. I dint find much but it holds true for Frankenstein’s monster.. anywayz.. in our time.. the monsters we are usually warned against are the big bad villains of the world.. Castro, Saddam, bin Laden.. and surprisingly enough, the same basic story line applies to them too!!
Ok so at a the very tender age of 20-something.. Saddam was approached by the CIA.. and that gave birth to a long underhanded friendship.. the way the coolest jock in school dates a nerd behind everyones back.. the US needed Iraq’s help against most of the Middle East so Saddam was their main go-to-guy.. and one of his closest friends was Donald Rumsfeld.. Yes.. its the same guy who led the attack against him 20years later.. and then he started to get too big for his booties.. he started thinking.. ok so if im this special to the world’s superpower maybe I shud go at it alone.. and he told Uncle Sam to screw off.. that’s when he had to be put down.. and everyone else joined forces to take him out..
It’s the same with bin Laden.. Started off with Operation Cyclone in the early 90s.. where CIA trained Afghan mujahedeen.. And then they lost control of the very guys they had trained!! And its because of that seed they sowed that the world is in turmoil today..
Wats the saying?? Fool me once, shame on u.. fool me twice, shame on me!!!! Did they not get it the first time around? The US shud learn that every time they adopt a third world leader with short term goals in mind.. pump in a lot of money and weapons.. it always blows up in their face!!
If I had any money, id bet the next US-stooge-turned-monster is gonna be Hamid Karzai..
Hmm.. ok so the question today is.. How do u like the new layout of my blog?

I hate it when people just stand around to watch when someone is getting beaten up..

U know wat I hate.. I hate it when people just stand around to watch when someone is getting beaten up.. I was watching Kick-ass last night.. great movie by the way.. and there is a scene where there are 3 guys beating up an idiot-looking junky..  the ‘super’hero says ‘The three assholes, laying into one guy while everybody else watches? And you wanna know what's wrong with me? Yeah, I'd rather die... so bring it on!’ and that got me thinking.. wat wud I do if I saw a bunch of guys beating on someone? Wud I run to his help? Or wud I run away? Wud I wait for those guys to leave and then help the guy? In a pubic poll, I think most of us wud like to say we wud help the poor arse.. but I seriously doubt many wud actually do it.. so wat is it that stops us? Wat holds us back? Fear? How do we overcome it?
Ok now think of another situation.. u are in the airport waiting lounge.. or in a crowded bus.. and u see an old man limping on crutches.. would u get up for him? Yeah? Ok so wat if its just a simple old guy.. no crutches or anything.. wud u still leave your seat for him? Maybe? Yeah me too.. arite.. so if it’s a guy your age.. no disabilities.. would u leave your comfortable seat for him.. I wouldn’t.. but why not?! That’s my question..
Another thing.. I saw this car crash the other day.. actually I dint so much see it as I deduced it.. where therez smoke.. theres fire.. right? I saw a large group of people standing by the side of the road.. then I saw the broken glass around which confirmed it.. A driver had lost control and crashed into a car parked on the side of the road.. traffic slowed down and I noticed all the drivers rubbernecking.. trying to see wat had happened.. but I dint see any one pull over to offer assistance.. they just slowed down.. to watch.. then went on their way.. that includes me.. and im ashamed of it.. but the thing is that even the people who were already there.. they dint do anything.. all of them were just standing there.. looking over someone elses shoulders.. just so they wud have something to talk about when they get back to their pathetic routine..
I remember when I got mugged.. my friend Abdul and I stupidly decided to walk thru the dimly lit streets to a shop nearby, a lil past midnight.. 2 guys on a bike came towards us.. and like 2 feet away.. one got off and pulled a gun out of his pants.. and asked us for our phones and our wallets.. after we gave up our valuables.. they turned and left.. that’s when we heard someone talking.. looking around.. I saw that there were 2 men standing on balcony of the house closest to us.. they had been there the whole time!! And they did nothing!! They saw us with our hands up.. and they decided to stay out of it!!
So wat is it? Whoz fault is it? Our teachers? Our parents? The media? We all love to read about superheroes or watch action packed movies with vigilante justice.. but when its our turn.. the phrase ‘a deer caught in the headlights’ comes to mind.. wat can we do to change this attitude? This is our time.. our generation is the one which is either gonna fix things or screw em up even more.. so the question today is.. Wat will u do?

I hate it when mom leaves

U know wat I hate.. I hate it when mom leaves L.. Mom came to visit after like a year.. and it was so much fun!! She took care of everything.. I dint have to pick up my dirty clothes off of the floor or do the dishes.. dint have to think bout wat to eat.. or worry bout waking up on time.. its back to the old routine now.. Come back soon mom!!!
I saw two good movies today.. one was ‘the book of ELI’.. interesting concept.. great visuals.. AMAZING fight sequences.. if u haven’t seen it.. u'll love the way Denzel uses that machete.. it’s like watching an artist painting a portrait.. the smooth, random brush strokes adding up to produce a thing of beauty.. and even though Mila kunis is only a bar wench.. she still looks pretty damn good.. SPOILER ALERT: the twist at the end was B-E-A-utiful!!..
The other movie I saw today.. was my parents’ wedding video.. it used to be on VHS obviously.. since mom was leaving today, so as a going away present.. I got the video put on a DVD.. the 27years the cassette spent in different closets and drawers had an effect on it, I guess.. coz the sound was almost completely gone.. and the video quality wasn’t everything I had hoped for.. but it was still a lot of fun watching it.. GAWD, ppl change SO much!! All the family elders looked really young.. haa haa..
So wat else is on my mind.. hmm.. I dunno.. I think im hungry but don’t feel like getting out of bed.. going to the kitchen.. getting something out of the fridge.. and then cooking it! No.. no way im doing that.. id rather just go to sleep while watching ‘Horton hears a Who’ on tele..
Arite.. Question of the day: when u are 60 years old.. wat age wud u like to go back to?