I hate it when u create a monster.. and then lose control of it..

U know wat I hate.. I hate it when u create a monster.. and then lose control of it.. I was watching iRobot today and the police chief said something that got me thinking.. He said that every monster story is the same, ‘Guy creates monster. Monster kills guy. Everyone kills monster.’ And so I decided to check it out.. I dint find much but it holds true for Frankenstein’s monster.. anywayz.. in our time.. the monsters we are usually warned against are the big bad villains of the world.. Castro, Saddam, bin Laden.. and surprisingly enough, the same basic story line applies to them too!!
Ok so at a the very tender age of 20-something.. Saddam was approached by the CIA.. and that gave birth to a long underhanded friendship.. the way the coolest jock in school dates a nerd behind everyones back.. the US needed Iraq’s help against most of the Middle East so Saddam was their main go-to-guy.. and one of his closest friends was Donald Rumsfeld.. Yes.. its the same guy who led the attack against him 20years later.. and then he started to get too big for his booties.. he started thinking.. ok so if im this special to the world’s superpower maybe I shud go at it alone.. and he told Uncle Sam to screw off.. that’s when he had to be put down.. and everyone else joined forces to take him out..
It’s the same with bin Laden.. Started off with Operation Cyclone in the early 90s.. where CIA trained Afghan mujahedeen.. And then they lost control of the very guys they had trained!! And its because of that seed they sowed that the world is in turmoil today..
Wats the saying?? Fool me once, shame on u.. fool me twice, shame on me!!!! Did they not get it the first time around? The US shud learn that every time they adopt a third world leader with short term goals in mind.. pump in a lot of money and weapons.. it always blows up in their face!!
If I had any money, id bet the next US-stooge-turned-monster is gonna be Hamid Karzai..
Hmm.. ok so the question today is.. How do u like the new layout of my blog?

4 Response to "I hate it when u create a monster.. and then lose control of it.."

AliPasha said...

Excellent new layout! :)
And totally agree with your note... Hamid Karzai is very much a likely candidate for Uncle Sam's next baby project! :)

Usman said...

Awesome new layout dude...whoever helped you with this is a BLOODY genius!! ;)

Pasha said...

Good one bait jee!!

Anonymous said...

Dua karein?!?!?!Surprisingly i like it mashAllah very cool, I'm guessing Usman bhai helped u as he said that dude is a "BLOODY genius". I dont like pop up comment thing. ps ASJAD!