I hate it when ppl go out of their way to copy supermodels..

U know wat I hate.. I hate it when ppl go out of their way to copy supermodels.. I mean a normal person is not supposed to look like those people on TV!! They ARENT real.. they have hundreds of people working to make them look like they do.. I saw this clip on YouTube, where a guy airbrushes a photo of Megan fox.. I swear the before and after DID NOT look similar..
Girls becoming anorexic or sticking their fingers down their throats.. just to try and seem like fashion models.. who, in reality, look like 14 year-old boys!! And we don’t realise it.. but under all the glitz and glamour.. its no picnic..
Trying to live healthy is one thing but working out like six hours a day then carbo-loading.. that’s just insane.. massive cans of protein shakes.. full of preservatives and wat-not.. under the premise of healthy living, no less.. The warriors of the past didn’t have supplements and personal trainers, did they?! How did Hercules or Achilles or Leonidus work out? Dumbbells? Running on treadmills?! NO!!
Burn fat n build muscle.. yeah right.. u wanna know my motto? build fat and burn muscle!! ok ok.. so I agree it’s a little hypocritical that I don’t like chunky girls.. while im no slim jim myself.. but isn’t that partly the media's fault?! There was a time.. something like 40 years ago.. when bigger meant better.. all the XLs and XXLs were the ones in demand.. and girls used to wish they could put on weight.. can any of u girls imagine TRYING to gain weight?!
oh and then there is another killer.. peer pressure.. the fat kid in school is ALWAYS bullied.. the girl with the crooked teeth is always made the butt of jokes.. and that torment stays with them thru-out their life.. requiring years of expensive therapy.. oh and before u think im talking about myself.. lemme just clear up, I was never overweight.. there’s just more of me to love :P no seriously.. im ok.. im not thin or fat.. I have love handles but no beer belly.. I have muscles.. but they are hidden under a reasonable amount of fat..
Coming back to peer pressure.. I see so many female patients who want braces just coz all their friends have them.. and its not just that.. buying designer clothes and accessories to feel like the fakers on the red carpet.. wats the point?!
All this artificiality.. around us and inside us.. and we wonder why lifespans are getting shorter.. so wat shud we do? How do we remedy this? Arite, that’s the question for today.. How can we change this mentality that is screwing up the youth of the world??

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Asma Ikram Sohaib said...

Hey Ammar Bhai,

I totally agree with your point of view. I guess we all need to stop for a moment and analyze why in the past few years jumping on the "designer wear and look chic" bandwagon has become the dire need for all of us. Why cant we simply accept people for who they are and appreciate them for the talents they have rather than being inspired and impressed by the person who has the most modelish look, designer dresses and accessories on.......Its about time we look past those things and accept people for who they are and not who they wear!

AliPasha said...

Wohoo! Now we're talking! You've walked out of the courtroom, guns blazing! Love ya for it!
You're right.They do look like 14 yr old anorexic boys... a healthy person, is a happy person!
I eat well, and I stay fit.Thank God.I'm happy with that.
The mentality. Consumerism, Commercialisation, Vogue, Vanity, Glitz Glamour... Thank God there are still villages around the world. But they're getting polluted too.
I suppose... we start from ourselves. Role model type! If we eat healthy, we remain healthy! No diets, nothing!And soon, people will notice!But to change the whole mentality, is a revolutionary job! And we may be the right ppl for it! :D

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... well there is such a thing as too much, which is absolutely wrong

But taking care of your health and appearance is somewhat important... people need to find a balance!

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with trying to look like a super model ?? iSNT IT GREAT WE LIVE IN A ERA WHEN WE CAN WORK OUT SWIM SHAVE SMELL GOOD WEAR GOOD CLOTHES ?? Would you rather be Leonidus hairy sweaty half naked eating half cooked meat ?
Or rather wear good clothes smell good eat good drive good ?? ok so what about the people who cant afford it ?? at least they have the desire the want and the driving force for that life which is atainable!
How many (im really sorry to say this) over weight girls have you oogled over or fat guys ? anyone can looose weight anyone can smell good and wear clean clothes ! We all buy clothes and we all get stuff stitched just pick something fashionable be daring be wild !
as far as the 14 year old look is we expect our models both men and women to have the ideal and unatainable body shape and contour...
im sorry its biast but to be honest clothes always look better on perfect body types and thats the busineess to sell clothes !!

Anonymous said...
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Ammar said...

thanx for your comments Asma and Ali.. and Anonymous1..
As for u, Mr. Anonymous2.. working out, smelling good or wearing good clothes is not the same as beefing up or buying the most expensive stuff.. i am not against doing things u want to do.. im against being brainwashed into spending truck loads of cash..
the driving force for people who cant afford stuff u wrote about, can sometimes drive them onto the wrong path..
and if u read the post again ull see that i admit im not into overweight girls..
did u mean that u think 14year-old boys have ideal bodies?! designers can get hangers to do the same job those models do.. but hangers dont look that pretty in makeup :P

Pasha said...

WEll said,as u know zero size models have been banned from most european catwalks!!You do not have to be thin to be desirable. Finally beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

Brian said...

Personally, I like the concept of building my body in the way Hercules, Achilles or Leonidus did. Give me a sword, a shield and somebody to WHACK!!!

Ok..I didn't promise I'd make "REASONABLE" comments, did I? ;)