I hate it when Israel gets off scot free.

U know wat I hate.. I hate it when Israel gets off scotfree.. if u haven’t seen the news all day.. then I have some updates for u.. On the morning of the 31st, a ‘Freedom Flotilla’ was on its way to the Gaza strip with humanitarian supplies, when Israeli military ships attacked it in international waters.. and murdered over 19 people.. and wounded double that!! But wait a minute.. Aren’t international waters free for everyone? According to Avital Leibovich, an Israeli military spokeswoman, "This happened in waters outside of Israeli territory, but we have the right to defend ourselves". I looked thru a number of news articles and found wat big, scary weapons the fully armed and protected soldiers had to defend themselves against.. 'light weaponry including knives and clubs'..
So wat happens next.. the Israeli PM expresses deep regret.. and then wat?! I don’t see anything about those ‘misguided’ soldiers being punished.. Expressing deep regret, my ass.. isn’t this guy in control of his country? Ok so he can’t control every individual’s actions.. but at least he shud make an example of the culprits..
If all Israel gets is a slap on the wrist.. it just means that the world’s policeman - namely America - gives it permission to do whatever it wants.. people from all over the world were on those boats! Belgium, England, turkey, Pakistan, France, just to name a few..
This evening I was just trying to imagine wat was going thru the heads of the people who died.. one minute they are philanthropists.. leaving behind their lives and livelihoods to help the unfortunate people of a war-torn land.. and the next minute.. thru no fault of their own.. cold, remorseless pieces of steel rip thru them.. sending them off to the afterlife..
I would like to call on all the citizens around the world.. to pressurize the decision makers.. the leaders of our nations.. the hands holding the reins.. to urge them to do wat is right.. to punish those men.. to hold them accountable for their actions..
Question of the day: wat is it called when a country’s armed forces attack vessels in international waters?

I hate it when those reality TV judges think they are better than everyone else..

U know wat I hate.. I hate it when those reality TV judges think they are better than everyone else.. I was watching American idol the other day.. and they had Katy Perry as a guest judge.. granted her bi-curiosity is quite appealing and she looks good in that song with 3OH!3.. but 4 hit songs don’t give her the right to diss someone just coz they act like a freak.. Speaking of whiny hard-to-please competition judges.. performing for Simon Cowell isn’t a picnic either.. type his name on YouTube and the first thing u get is ‘Simon Cowell best insults’.. ok fine I may be able to cut him some slack.. I guess listening to horrible voices day in and day out can make u cranky..
Oh how can I forget sytycd!! For those of u who aren’t avid watchers of the show.. u don’t know how lucky u are! Haa haa.. The show is called ‘so you think you can dance’ and u get normal looking people in the weirdest outfits doing the weirdest dances ever!! My brother loves watching it.. and he forces me to watch too.. but its ok.. ill get my pay back some day.. Im gonna make him watch a season marathon of Afghan Idol.. Im serious.. Its actually a show I saw on National Geographic.. LMAO!
I really don’t get these shows.. I mean.. it looks like its all staged! American idol, sytycd and x factor.. they all have the same basic formula.. one judge who loves everything.. one who hates everything.. and one who has split personality disorder or something! And then there are the idiots everyone laughs at.. who ARE these people?! They ever seen a mirror? Have they ever seen wat they look like dancing.. Are they tone deaf?! Do they know how bad they are? I KNOW I can’t dance.. so I don’t! I swear there is gonna be one person who says something like ‘DOH.. My mom says im a great singer/dancer’.. haa haa..
The only show I can watch is the Apprentice.. 9 seasons so far.. and ‘You’re fired’ still doesn’t get old!! Haahaa.. wish I could say that to someone.. ‘you.. the one with the bad hair piece.. yes, you.. you’re FIRED!’ haa haa.. man, I’m mean!
Hmm.. Time for the Question of the day.. so if you were in a talent show.. and the judge said something like 'You have just invented a new form of torture'... What wud be your response?

I hate it when TV shows are stalled coz actors have to go into rehab..

U know wat I hate.. I hate it when TV shows are stalled coz actors have to go into rehab.. Ok fine so it’s preventive and not curative.. and the ‘actor’ checked himself in.. but his wife is a coke addict.. so I guess he knew wat was gonna happen next.. If u haven’t guessed it by now.. It’s Charlie Sheen from the show Two and a half men.. Oh herez a fun fact.. he used to get over 1.2million dollars per episode!! He will come back to the show for 1.8MIL!!!! What I don’t get is how someone already getting SO much money.. would want to renegotiate his contract?!
Addiction.. Now that’s a funny thing.. it makes u do things u thot u wud never do.. The other day a guy came to our house.. and he said he was our gardener’s son and wanted money for his burial.. after the initial shock at the loss, all of us at home started giving him money coz the last time we saw the old man was 2 days ago.. arite.. so this guy leaves.. and my brother has this idea of calling our late gardener’s cell phone.. and surprise! SURPRISE!! the old guy answered.. turns out the guy who came to us for money, had no idea who our gardener was.. just knew that a tall old man tends to our flowers.. This young man was actually a glue sniffing addict jonesing for a fix.. too bad for him.. The cops came and took him.. don’t think they sent him to rehab tho..
Hmm.. addicted tv characters? House for one.. hmm.. but he got over it right? SPOILER ALERT>> Went to the asylum and had counselling and everything.. that was a depressing episode..
Sam Winchester from Supernatural.. of all the things he could have gotten addicted to.. he was hooked on Demon blood.. made him feel all strong and big..
Those kids from ‘the covenant’.. they were addicted to magic.. the more they used.. the older they got..
Are u thinking wat im thinking.. doubt it.. but wat im thinking is that this post is going every which way.. haa haa.. Think of this as one of those gossip magazines my female friends like so much.. speaking of which.. Today’s post is dedicated to AAS.. since it’s her birthday.. this can be her gift J haa haa.. oh another interesting gift I read about recently, was naming a star after someone!! Try it if u want.. http://www.starmoniker.com/ .
Ok so the question for the day.. How much do u think TV actors/Sportsmen be paid? More than or less than teachers?

I hate it when people hide behind freedom of speech

U know wat I hate.. I hate it when people hide behind freedom of speech.. I am referring to the recent, highly publicized ‘Draw Muhammad Day’.. freedom of speech is one thing.. but doing something JUST to annoy someone else.. well that’s downright stupid!! I am a Muslim and I have my beliefs.. I don’t try to force anything on anyone else.. and I find it extremely offensive when I see people mocking my religion.. there are 2 ways to do things.. the right way.. which is wat u do when u want to know something.. when u want to find out why something is as it is.. and why its not wat u want it to be.. and then there is the wrong way.. which is where u make up your mind about something and leave no room for reason.. talking for the sake of talking.. discussions just to piss someone else off.. I can expect things like this from high school-ers.. but when well educated, mature people have the same thought process.. wat can be expected for humanity..

So some Christians portray Jesus in their own way.. and only Jewish comedians can tell jokes about jews.. and only African-americans can call each other the N-word.. then why is it that everyone gets a kick out of riling up the whole muslim nation.. I agree some of us do go way beyond wat is necessary.. but who doesn’t have black sheep in the family..

We hold all our Prophets in very high esteem.. this includes but is not limited to Adam, Noah, Elijah, Jacob Joseph, Abrahan, Ishmael, Isaac, Moses, Aaron, Jesus and Muhammad (May peace be on all of them).. If u look up ‘Semitic’ on Wiki.. u might be surprised to learn that ‘In a religious context, the term 'Semitic' can refer to the religions associated with the speakers of these languages: thus Judaism, Christianity and Islam are often described as "Semitic religions" (irrespective of language family spoken by their adherents).’ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semitic#Religion 

All I want to do is to explain to whoever reads this post that freedom of speech doesn’t mean that u SHUD say nasty things about others.. the citizens arrest is a civil right in most countries.. but im sure only a handful of people have ever used it.. you can have free speech but still keep others’ feelings in prespective.. you might think that this drawing competition was all in good fun.. but u need to know that almost 23% of the worlds population follows Islam.. and we are ALL touchy about this subject.. I have many non muslim friends who also felt that this was WRONG.. all of us should speak up against the ignorance and narrow mindedness of the people responsible for this.. violence is NOT the answer.. if u want to know why we think these pictures are a bad idea.. ask a religious authority.. not just muslim.. ask your rabbis, your priests, your pundits and your gurus.. faith in every form brings with it tolerance and love for humanity..

Just saw this on BBC News.. 'A cartoonist whose work inspired an internet campaign inviting people to draw images of the Prophet Muhammad has apologised for her role in the row.'

Now that is a step in the right direction!! Alhumdulillah.. Ok.. so the question for today is.. wat fine print limitations shud be added to the freedom of speech act?

I hate it when they make spoofs of great movies..

U know wat I hate.. I hate it when some crazy guy takes parts from good movies and spoofs them up.. Yeah ok so sometimes they are funny.. like hot shots part deux, and scary movie.. but meet the Spartans!! 300 was such a well made movie.. The other day I was watching it again.. and scenes from the spoof kept popping into my head! Ruined the whole movie for me.. Also who the hell came up with the Disaster movie!! Ill never get those 88minutes back.. I could have done more than one complete root canal treatment in the time.. could have gone to the supermarket to get groceries for the whole month.. could have rotated my tires.. watched a proper movie..like butterfly on a wheel.. Speaking of which.. if u haven’t seen it yet.. u HAVE to watch it.. Bronson versus Butler! The suspense is spine-chilling!
Another movie with ‘butterfly’ in the title.. Hmm.. Butterfly effect.. 1,2 and 3.. One was really good.. new concept.. great acting.. then 2.. well as sequels go.. it was not THAT disappointing.. but was nowhere close to 1.. and part 3.. OH MY GOD!! Was there ANYTHING good about that movie? shit concept.. shit acting.. shit ending.. I mean for God’s sake.. incest?!! That’s the best they could come up with?!!
Still have to watch ‘clash of the titans’, but the reason I’m putting it off is wats-his-face.. sam worth(less)ington.. I don’t get how he gets these big, Big movies.. Terminator 4 AND Avatar.. and now Clash.. Come on man! Can u get any bigger? 
Ok so my question today is.. Did u think Sam Worthington was a good choice for the lead in Avatar?


I hate it when you're on the can, and someone knocks and says 'hey.. u in there?'


Ok so since this is my first post.. im just gonna write about my day.. woke up around 11, took a sip of diet coke, grabbed my smokes and went off to the toilet.. Some people say that this is where they have their epiphanies.. and by some people i mean those guyz on the TV show Scrubs.. coming back to the story.. as soon as my cheeks touched the cold porcelain.. there was a knock on the door.. it was my brother.. he wanted to know if i was in there.. of course im in here, i thought, the doors locked.. the lights on.. its MY freakin room.. who else was gonna be in there?!?SANTA!? Yeah im in here, i yelled back.. something like 5minutes go by.. theres another knock on the door.. and its my mom.. obviously wanting to know if i was in there.. i told her i was.. and then AGAIN.. theres a knock.. and before hearing who it was.. i yelled YES YES, IM IN HERE!! ILL BE OUT WHEN IM DONE!!
Another thing.. u know when u are in the toilet.. and u hear the phone ring.. and someone picks up.. wat is the point of knocking on the door and saying So-and-so is calling for u.. what should i tell him? i mean.. im not gonna get up mid-shit to speak to someone.. and im sure everyone in the world poops.. and would completely understand if someone on the toilet could not talk to them.. becoz he was ON THE TOILET!!
we shud at least be able to spend those few minutes in peace.. maybe i should get one of those signs that say OCCUPIED.. like in airplanes and trains..
speaking of trains.. here is a question for u.. would u rather ride in a train, dance in the rain, or feel no pain?
i guess thats all i have to talk about, today.. ill write more later..