I hate it when Israel gets off scot free.

U know wat I hate.. I hate it when Israel gets off scotfree.. if u haven’t seen the news all day.. then I have some updates for u.. On the morning of the 31st, a ‘Freedom Flotilla’ was on its way to the Gaza strip with humanitarian supplies, when Israeli military ships attacked it in international waters.. and murdered over 19 people.. and wounded double that!! But wait a minute.. Aren’t international waters free for everyone? According to Avital Leibovich, an Israeli military spokeswoman, "This happened in waters outside of Israeli territory, but we have the right to defend ourselves". I looked thru a number of news articles and found wat big, scary weapons the fully armed and protected soldiers had to defend themselves against.. 'light weaponry including knives and clubs'..
So wat happens next.. the Israeli PM expresses deep regret.. and then wat?! I don’t see anything about those ‘misguided’ soldiers being punished.. Expressing deep regret, my ass.. isn’t this guy in control of his country? Ok so he can’t control every individual’s actions.. but at least he shud make an example of the culprits..
If all Israel gets is a slap on the wrist.. it just means that the world’s policeman - namely America - gives it permission to do whatever it wants.. people from all over the world were on those boats! Belgium, England, turkey, Pakistan, France, just to name a few..
This evening I was just trying to imagine wat was going thru the heads of the people who died.. one minute they are philanthropists.. leaving behind their lives and livelihoods to help the unfortunate people of a war-torn land.. and the next minute.. thru no fault of their own.. cold, remorseless pieces of steel rip thru them.. sending them off to the afterlife..
I would like to call on all the citizens around the world.. to pressurize the decision makers.. the leaders of our nations.. the hands holding the reins.. to urge them to do wat is right.. to punish those men.. to hold them accountable for their actions..
Question of the day: wat is it called when a country’s armed forces attack vessels in international waters?

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Ali Pasha said...

Isn't that what pirates do? Piracy right!
Its ridiculous. Israel must be held accountable!

Pasha said...

Since times immemorial there has been a divide between the east and west,this is not a physical landbased or topographical , but it is mental!!Look thru history from the time of say,greeks,romans and later masters of the western world. I have yet to find a non academic book mentioning people from the east as non barbarians. It is a preconceived idea in all the western worlds minds that poeple from across the bosphorus are not to be trusted!!becaiuse they are barbarian, wild hordes!
The most recent act by Israel is seen by us a s barbaric,but by most westerns as Isaeli soldiers trying to protect themselves from knife holding,iron bar brandishing terrorists whom they were trying to board in international waters and therefore within their rights to protect themselves from any armed group trying to attack their ship and they would have done the same thing if any other group had attacked them!!