I hate it when TV shows are stalled coz actors have to go into rehab..

U know wat I hate.. I hate it when TV shows are stalled coz actors have to go into rehab.. Ok fine so it’s preventive and not curative.. and the ‘actor’ checked himself in.. but his wife is a coke addict.. so I guess he knew wat was gonna happen next.. If u haven’t guessed it by now.. It’s Charlie Sheen from the show Two and a half men.. Oh herez a fun fact.. he used to get over 1.2million dollars per episode!! He will come back to the show for 1.8MIL!!!! What I don’t get is how someone already getting SO much money.. would want to renegotiate his contract?!
Addiction.. Now that’s a funny thing.. it makes u do things u thot u wud never do.. The other day a guy came to our house.. and he said he was our gardener’s son and wanted money for his burial.. after the initial shock at the loss, all of us at home started giving him money coz the last time we saw the old man was 2 days ago.. arite.. so this guy leaves.. and my brother has this idea of calling our late gardener’s cell phone.. and surprise! SURPRISE!! the old guy answered.. turns out the guy who came to us for money, had no idea who our gardener was.. just knew that a tall old man tends to our flowers.. This young man was actually a glue sniffing addict jonesing for a fix.. too bad for him.. The cops came and took him.. don’t think they sent him to rehab tho..
Hmm.. addicted tv characters? House for one.. hmm.. but he got over it right? SPOILER ALERT>> Went to the asylum and had counselling and everything.. that was a depressing episode..
Sam Winchester from Supernatural.. of all the things he could have gotten addicted to.. he was hooked on Demon blood.. made him feel all strong and big..
Those kids from ‘the covenant’.. they were addicted to magic.. the more they used.. the older they got..
Are u thinking wat im thinking.. doubt it.. but wat im thinking is that this post is going every which way.. haa haa.. Think of this as one of those gossip magazines my female friends like so much.. speaking of which.. Today’s post is dedicated to AAS.. since it’s her birthday.. this can be her gift J haa haa.. oh another interesting gift I read about recently, was naming a star after someone!! Try it if u want.. http://www.starmoniker.com/ .
Ok so the question for the day.. How much do u think TV actors/Sportsmen be paid? More than or less than teachers?

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Asjad Pasha Siddiqui said...

cool!!! more than teachers, atleast the actors/sportmen entertain usk, teachers can't do that by performing live, so?!?!?!?!

Asjad Pasha Siddiqui said...

y were u up at 4.01 on friday morning??? :(

Sama said...

loving your blog so far! especially the first gem on toilet manners..keep em coming

Ali Pasha said...

very debatable question!
Why somebody should be paid to kick around a ball, or shoot a hoop, is beyond me! It has nothing to do with representing a country, or making people proud! They play, because of the game. HOPEFULLY! IF somebody is in sport, because of the money...or the fame... then he's an exhibitionist..not a sportsman!
Actors! Well, I suppose, Actors can be teachers too! If they choose the right films!
TEACHERS, should definitely get paid more than they do now...
However... if you're teaching because you love teaching... then it wont matter how much u get paid... same goes for acting and sports! :P

Ibrahim said...

yeh it's been a very enjoyable blog. I think teachers should be paid more than sportsmen should be paid more than actors. Acting (unless you're British, because British theatre/film is AMAZING) isn't much of a job. Sorry. And sportsmen, particularly European footballers and American baseball/basketball/football players, get paid too much.