I hate the player and I hate the game..

U know wat I hate.. I hate the player and I hate the game.. I heard this in a movie the other day.. ‘Don’t hate the player, hate the game, babe’.. wat the hell does that mean?! Wat player? Wat game? This has gone out of control! I remember when terms like ‘scoring’ and ‘going all the way’ were reserved for sports!! When did it all become so callous?! The union of a male and female was once a sacred act.. but now thanx to the low self-esteem of females and belt-notching mentality of males, it has turned into something like trying on different clothes in a department-store try-room.. sometimes once in a few weeks.. and sometimes three, four times a day.. even two at a time!!
ok, so ppl want to stay with the times and do stuff they see on TV.. but why is it, that our so-called heroes.. our idols.. the 'celebrities' have no respect or morals.. why do they teach the upcoming generation that their body shud be treated like a McDonalds rather than a temple.. HIV infected needles and STD infected genitalia.. Everything is allowed to enter! And if someone accidentally says wat the actually feel rather than conforming to wat the hypnotized masses are thinking.. they are branded as backward and insane! I’m not talking about muslims versus the rest of the world.. all muslims aren’t saints.. and all the others aren’t the spawn of satan.. there are muslims who spread their seed like there’s no tomoro.. and there are non-muslims who still believe in the sanctity of chastity..
Remember Britney Spears? The girl who said she was gonna keep her virginity till her wedding.. don’t remember? I’m not surprised.. This was back when ‘bitch’ was still a word used to describe someone u didn’t like and ‘ho’ was a prostitute.. wat happened to her? Did she give in to peer pressure? That wud be my best guess..
Imagine yourself as parents, and then imagine your teenage daughter gets knocked up even before she graduated high-school.. wat wud u do? wat wud go thru your head? Everyone is not like the parents in Juno.. wouldn’t you teach your children that they should respect themselves as human beings and not as animals.. Animals have two things on their mind.. food.. and sex.. shouldn’t we even try to be different? So ‘man is a social animal’ but that is just a metaphor! We don’t actually have to turn into animals..
Right.. so something to ponder over.. The question for today is.. do u think we should try to change our ways and not follow everything the magic box shows us?

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Anonymous said...

I think that we should change my brother!! BHAIJ!!