I hate when real talent goes unappreciated..

U know wat I hate.. I hate when real talent goes unappreciated.. I was on YouTube.. looking for a song.. and I came across this mash up of Alejandro and OMG with a drum cover.. now this guy playing the drums was BRILLIANT!! And so I went to his channel to see wat other songs he had played and I was really surprised to find that his total channel views were 2891.. So I decided to do a little checking to see if this was good enough.. I looked up the worst musician I knew.. the oh-so-unsure-of-herself Christina Aguilera.. and I found that her total views were 3,435,888!!! Ok fine so the drummer, Tim, started his channel like 2 years later.. but this is not fair!! This guy is really talented and just coz he isn’t a chick who likes to take it all off on TV.. he isn’t famous! Go check him out for yourself.. http://www.youtube.com/user/timlovesdrums
I’ve already said how much I hate reality TV.. but sometimes I just watch the shows for a laugh.. I was watching 'Americas got talent'.. and there wasn’t one hot blonde who was rejected.. and this African American rapper was buzzed off stage.. and a pair of twin-geeky-looking guys playing violin dint even get a chance to sing!! Why? Coz they don’t match the "image".. Wat image? Well for guys it’s this generalized late teenager who has a longish face.. Zero facial hair and a permanent bed head.. yeah bed head.. that’s when a guy spends an hour on his hair to make it seem like he just got out of bed and he doesn’t care!! I can’t believe how wats-his-face from twilight drives millions of girls crazy!!
And for girls.. Well it’s ‘the lighter the better’.. skin AND hair.. and they have to be super-fine.. yeah that’s the expression.. tall.. long-legged.. tight waist and curvy.. well actually curves can be in or out depending on the situation.. for models.. they should be walking-talking-hangers.. and actresses and singers should be slim but not skinny.. there used to be a time when singing was important for singers and acting ability was important for actresses.. but not anymore.. now they just have to be hot.. I’ve seen so many movies where a girl is being chased by a serial killer and and she is acting scared..  she HAS to be wearing revealing clothes! Why?! I’m not saying I don’t enjoy it.. but I wanna know why they can’t get good actors for those roles.. I don’t wanna watch a movie and see that they are acting!! It shud seem natural.. Don’t u think so?!
Arite.. so wat I wanna know today is how much u wud pay for a complete makeover?

4 Response to "I hate when real talent goes unappreciated.."

Sharjeel Butt said...

Bhaijan, Its not the case in media only.

This thing is going on everywhere.

And about make over, I'm pretty good, I don't need it.. ;)

OK. Seriously, Rs.1000 kafi hain? :$

Ammar said...

oh my GOD! Just saw twilight.. And its the most amazing beautiful movie ever ever ever in the world..

Psyche! Haha.. Just kidding.. It seems REALLY silly!

Sharjeel Butt said...

Ufffff.. aik baat kahan bhool gaya..

Kasam say Edward Cullens mai kiya nazar aata hai larkiyon ko.. :-O

2kg powder aur 1 litre lip color.. errgghhhhh! x(

Sakhat taste kharab ho gaya hai larkiyon ka, meray jaise achay larkoon ki kadar hi nahi rahi.. :D

Every girl said...

shut up, twilight is awesome!! lol